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- by rev. Elisabeth Lidell, Denmark; translated by Christine Andersen

My spiritual journey started as I grew up in a parsonage on the Danish island of Aeroe, going to Church and Sunday School, and as a Girl Guide with the KFUM Scouts. Later I joined the Danish Christian movement for Christian High School students, and read Theology at Aarhus and Uppsala universities. My ‘spiritual CV’ also shows the influence of the Christian Student Movement in Aarhus and work at the Diocesan Office and at St. David’s Retreat Centre and Meditation Centre in Rättvik, Sweden. My background and the driving force behind me is ecumenical, and during nine years when I was employed as a pastor at the Cathedral in Copenhagen I had the pleasure of being responsible for the inter-church relations of the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. This gave me many opportunities to meet sisters and brothers from other Christian communions and experience the strength of the universal Christian Church under very different circumstances and often in very different forms. It gave me the courage to experiment with different forms of ministry and church services.

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